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Friday, 23 January 2015

Cheese burst pizza recipe revealed

My favourite pizza is the cheese burst as I am very fond of eating cheese. This sort of pizza comes at a slightly higher price so it is not possible to opt for it very often. Also not all vegetarians would step in there. Hence keeping these things in mind I, tried making cheese burst pizza like that in dominos at home quite a lot of time so that my family members could enjoy the taste. Now that I am perfect at doing so, I would love to reveal that secret to all pizza lovers so that their expenses are cut down and it can be made with excellence at home. Something which I diont like about this pizza is the raised oparts at the sides. The whole pizza is loaded with cheese and this part feels like a hard dry bun which has nothing in between. So,I would also like to add something different to this version that is cheese stuffing within the raised parts at the sides.
1.       For the Dough
·         All purpose flour 4 cups
·         Dry Active yeast 2 ½ teaspoon
·         Sugar 1 teaspoon
·         Salt ½ teaspoon
·         Warm water 1 cup
·         Olive oil-1/4 cup

2.       Processed cheese
                 (a)  grated 1 cup
                 (b) Cut into many pieces of 1cm by 4cm or longer so that it covers up the entire raised portions
             3.   Mozarella cheese- ½ cup
             4.  Topping ( you can choose among the following
Mushroom, baby corn, sweet corn, bell peppers, olive, onion, cherry tomatoes
             5. Seasoning
                 Chilly flakes
·         Mix ¼ cup of warm water with yeast and sugar. Allow it to rest so that it dissolves properly. Meanwhile place flour in a bowl and mix with salt. Add the yeast water and rest of the warm water and knead into a dough that is neither too hard nor too soft. Cover it with a damb cloth and allow it to rest in a warm place for about 1-2 hours until it doubles in volume. knead it well for 5-10 minutes and cover it again and let it rest for 10 more minutes. Break the dough into 4 balls. Keep two aside and use the two to make one pizza.
·          Roll both the dough separately using your hands and dry flour by spinning it gently over a flat board into a circle until it has reached the desired shape and size. Keep them, apart. If this feels difficult, you can use a use the roller meant for rolling chappatis.
·         Once it is done, on top of one of such circle add grated processed cheese throughout leaving 1inch all over the sides so that we can paste another layer on top. Moisten the part that has been left for pasting with two to three drops of water. Now that we are done add the other circle on top. Gently press the sides and the top to seal them.
·         Place it on top of baking stone or wire rack or a plate that you would be using for baking it. Press the sides that have no cheese in it to flatten it completely.
·         Add cheese cubes that were cut earlier throughout the flattened sides and using water paste it inside, so that we have a raised part filled with cheese.
·         Spread some olive oil and 4-5 tablespoon of pizza sauce. Do not puncture all over the upper layer using a fork as we normally do while cooking a pizza since once the cheese wrapped within the layer melts, it will overflow through the hole and will appear untidy and messed up.  Light punctures can be made but it should not prick through the base or second layer.
·         Sprinkle mozzarella cheese, Add toppings as per your preference.
·         Preheat oven to 250 degree for 5- 10 minutes. Place the pizza in the middle rack of the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. Different oven have different results. Once you have an idea, you can adjust as per the temperature or time used by you.
          If you don’t have an oven at home you can cook it in a preheated pan by adding dry flour on the       pan so that the lower part of the crust doesn’t get burnt. Place the pizza on top and cover it and check after few minutes if it is cooked or not. It will be much better if the pan is a non sticky one.
Once it is cooked, use a pizza cutter to cut it. Serve hot adding oregano seasoning and chilly flakes.  Enjoy the flavor and taste of seasonings and toppings with hot thick cheese that flows within your mouth with each bite that you take.
Hope my blog will help quench the thirst of pizza lovers.

Monday, 19 January 2015

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to wrap momos tutorial

Wrapping momo is not a very difficult task. But it may seem so for those who have never tried it before. So, keeping this in mind I have taken an approach here to teach the method of wrapping momo. It has been mentioned here, from the easiest to a bit tricky one. In the beginning you might find it difficult but as you learn the process and keep practicing, you will find it quite simple. Both the hands are utilized while wrapping momo.
Break the dough into small balls and roll it into a small circle. Now go through the following instructions. And learn the process as per your convenience.

1.       This is the simplest type of momo. For making this, put the stuffing using a spoon in the centre of the rolled base and raise the sides and attach the tips at the top.

2.       If you wish to make this sort of momo, you simply need to make the above mentioned style and join the ends by slightly pressing one end on top of the other. 

3.       The third one is also quite simple. Keep the base on top of a plate and put the stuffing  in the centre where the tips of the circle should be picked one by one forming many creases exactly at the top centre and should be accumulated and pressed.
4.       The fourth method involves making many creases without the stuffing on half part of the circle till a hollow is formed. For making the creases, hold the tip of the circle in any part with the thumb and second finger of your left hand and use your right hands thumb to gently push a small amount of the tip of the base to form cute little folds that are pressed simultaneously by the thumb and the second finger until you are done with half part of the base. Put the stuffing into it and keeping it on top of a plate and begin attaching the top by pressing the ends and moving towards the centre with thumb and second finger of both your hands.

5.       The above mentioned are the various shapes of momo but the most commonly used is this shape and I also prefer making this one as it looks neater. For making this you need to put the stuffing in the centre of the base that you have rolled into a circle. Using fingers of your right hand only, put the second finger on top of the stuffing in the centre and your thumb should be supporting it in the front, with the three fingers supporting it at the back as shown in the picture.
Now using the thumb and second finger of your left hand, slightly press the left corner to join it. Use your right hands thumb to push a small amount of the tip of the base like the one shown below to form cute little creases. Again use your left thumb and second finger to press and attach it. Similarly complete the process.  Keep the momo on a plate and again press the tips to ensure if it is locked properly or else the stuffing will open out while cooking.

(Tip : if your are being unable to attach the tip of the momo properly due to too much moisture in the stuffing, use dry flour to seal it properly.)

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